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  1. Throwing your own possessions in the bin to protest a company that's... *checks notes* telling men to be less shitty is an extremely stable and grown up thing to do.
  2. I'm looking for my first #DevRel role, either in/around Leeds or remote! I'm currently a JS developer with experience speaking at conferences and meetups, writing blog posts and documentation, and organising community events (LeedsJS). RTs appreciated and my DMs are open!
  3. People of twitter, what are your favourite examples of creative uses of web technologies/the web platform? Stuff like games, interactive art, animations etc. RT for reach please!
  4. If you're in Leeds, are part of an underrepresented group in tech and want to become a conference speaker, come along to our gdcfpday event! 📆March 2nd 10:00am to 16:00 katie_fenn, kitation, lornajane and I will be mentoring. Details and tickets:
  5. Yesterday I published a post about how I used CSS clip-path to make pixelated rounded corners for my website
  6. We no longer have Q&A at LeedsJS, your event probably doesn't need it either. Here's why we stopped:
  7. So my aim for next year is to MC a conference. If you organise a conference, know of someone who does, or know of a conference looking for an MC, I'd love to chat! RTs appreciated!
  8. People need to stop making this only about software developers. If the work requires concentration, it applies. We are not special. mkheck/971127761145352193
  9. This Saturday katie_fenn, lornajane, kitation and I will be at the SkyBetCareers Office in Leeds for a gdcfpday event! If you're from an underrepresented group in tech and want to become a speaker, sign up and join us:
  10. If you're from an underrepresented group in tech and want to become a speaker, join katie_fenn, lornajane and I at the Leeds gdcfpday event at the SkyBetCareers Leeds office on Saturday 3rd February!
  11. After a couple of years of not doing much public speaking, I'm itching to get back into it. But I'm not comfortable doing in-person events as I'm a carer for my partner and she's vulnerable to COVID. Anyone know any remote-friendly conferences or events looking for speakers?
  12. ❓Underrepresented folks in tech, do you want to become a conference speaker? 🎉 Join katie_fenn, lornajane, kitation and I at the Leeds gdcfpday! 📆 March 2nd, 10:00 - 16:00 🌐 More info and registration details are here:
  13. If you're underrepresented in tech and want to be a conference speaker, join us at the Leeds gdcfpday on 2nd of March! kitation, lornajane, andyburgin and I will be taking you through various bits of advice and sharing our experiences. More details:
  14. If you're in or near Leeds and are a member of an underrepresented or marginalised group in tech and want to speak at conferences, then join us for gdcfpday on the 2nd of March! lornajane, katie_fenn, kitation and I will be mentors! Details/tickets:
  15. Quiet firing isn't a thing, it's just rebranded constructive dismissal. If this happens to you, you may be able to make a claim in an employment tribunal: HuffPost/1567663364314398722
  16. …in reply to @Popehat
    Popehat Twitter is a magical thing sometimes...
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  17. As a conference speaker: Fuck you, you don't have an event without speakers. Cover our costs. forexposure_txt/1168554173559988226
  18. …in reply to @qikipedia
    qikipedia Which of the elves is never allowed into the zoo again?
  19. …in reply to @9_volt_
  20. …in reply to @smolrobots
  21. …in reply to @mvsebastian
    mvsebastian Joke's on you, I didn't listen in the meeting either.
  22. …in reply to @MKBHD
    MKBHD You should invite her for a collab
  23. …in reply to @TaikaWaititi
    TaikaWaititi Just so you don't feel left out
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  24. …in reply to @RightWingCope
    RightWingCope Protecting your washing machine with a gun is definitely a normal and stable thing thing to do.
  25. …in reply to @GamerTakes
    GamerTakes BREAKING: Man angry that other people will be able to play a game
  26. …in reply to @qikipedia
    qikipedia Sorry, did you say 26 lanes?!
  27. …in reply to @jessfraz
    jessfraz Obviously we use it to type...
  28. …in reply to @TypicalTahdig
    typicalfeminist AITA_reddit The force ghost costume is so good!